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Greetings! Welcome to the no frills, barely functional website for Sound Fluency.

Sound Fluency is a new music program and podcast devoted to playing  weird, wonderful, and visionary sounds from the past and present.

This can mean anything from avant rock to jazz, psychedelic, folk, dub, musique concrète, world, ambient, classical, and beyond.

Have no interest in those styles of music? That’s okay! Wait, no…what’s wrong with you? Just tune in and give it a shot. It isn’t costing you anything! You may even like it.

Beginning January 4th, the show broadcasts on Mondays at 11PM EST from WCRS FM in Columbus, Ohio. For interested parties outside of the Columbus area, state-of-the-art downloads and a podcast will be available from this heap. Playlists will also be posted here shortly after each episode airs.

Stay tuned for Sound Fluency in 2016.

Thanks for visiting,